Investigation Services Thailand

Any investigation service conducted by Thai Private Eye is done so in a discreet and professional manner by professional personnel. Our Private Investigation Services throughout Thailand are greatly enhanced by utilizing the vast amount of local contacts, knowledge and hands-on experience that our Detectives possess. 

Detective Investigation Services

Thailand Investigation Services are carried out by our Investigators.

Between them they have over 100 years combined experience in private investigations and covert surveillance work all over the world.

They are fully qualified and experienced in the various covert surveillance techniques, and undergo continuous (on the job) investigation training in the use of new state of the art technology as it is introduced to the surveillance market.

Private Investigator Services

In addition, with our worldwide network of associated Private Investigator / Detective and Security Agencies our resources are virtually limitless.

As we do not wish to upset or offend our official friends in the Thai community, we will not undertake criminal investigations. Free advice on Thailand and Thai culture is given whenever possible. But please understand if we can not accept your case.

If you require the services of a professional Private Investigator in

or elsewhere in Thailand, then Thai Private Eye is your investigation solution. Please see our Professional References.


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