Two questions we get asked quite often are:

"What do you guys actually do?"

"How do I become a PI?"

How do I become a Private Investigator?

Through hard work, professional training plus a determination to succeed! One school we highly recommend is:

Australian School of Security and Investigations

Professional Law Abiding Private Investigators are a special breed; it matters not if they are male or female. The job can be challenging and is quite stressful at times. Some of the work may involve confrontation, and is therefore dangerous.

Apart from possessing common sense, empathy, compassion, an understanding of people's ethnic and cultural background, and a logical mind, here are just a few more character traits that make up a good Private Investigator.

  • Truthfulness, honesty, open mindedness and non-judgmental
  • Observant, inquisitive and curious, while remaining secretive
  • Masters of disguise, subterfuge and ingenuity
  • Intuitive and methodical in problem solving
  • Able to think on his or her feet and adapt to every situation
  • Possess interviewing and interrogation skills while being sociable
  • Able to work alone or as a member of a team
  • Must be prepared to work irregular hours in all conditions
  • Meticulous in their prior planning leaving nothing to chance
  • Persistence, assertiveness & a determination to succeed
  • Able to socialize at all levels of society but remain unobtrusive
  • Remain unfazed when confronted, be ready with a plausible cover story
  • They must not be afraid of confrontation, be fearless, not foolish

Above all they must be law abiding and aware of the wider implication their actions can have. One has to be very thorough as an investigator by reporting only the cold hard facts. The ramifications of "getting it wrong" can have a dramatic affect on many people's lives and futures.

They could end up losing their financial support, their children's education could suffer and more often than not instigating of divorce proceedings, loosing the family home, custody of their children, being prosecuted for theft for fraud or being fired from their job.

Learn the craft of an investigator and practice those lessons in real life every single day, even when not on a job. It also helps to love the job!

As Bruce Lee used to say: "It is not what you have learned but what you have absorbed that is useful"

What do you guys do? Simple! We uncover the truth!


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